Posted on Nov 12, 2019

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11 Traits That Make An Excellent Houston Caregiver

Caregiving is one of the most demanding jobs in the world today. While caregivers do a fantastic job of taking care of patients and seniors, this job isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. These professionals possess unique qualities and skills that enable them to handle all the pressures and demands that come with the job. Outlined below are some of the traits that make a great caregiver.

1. Compassion

The level of empathy that caregivers have is unmeasurable. They are capable of tuning in to the other person’s pain and look for possible solutions to alleviate it. A caregiver will often be tasked with helping patients suffering from various conditions including Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as those recovering from painful surgery. Unless one is compassionate enough, he/she wouldn’t be able to handle such patients, one of the reasons compassion is the first thing clients look for when hiring a caregiver.

2. Communication

This is one of the must-have qualities for one to be successful as a caregiver. He/she must not only be able to communicate through writing and verbally, but non-verbally as well. While the caregiver may have to update family members about the patient’s well-being, the exceptional communication skills make it easy for them to connect with the patient. Connecting with a patient, especially those suffering from dementia and memory loss, can be particularly hard for many.

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