Posted on Sep 27, 2019

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How To Identify A Houston Caregiver Burnout

Anyone, including caregivers, can have a burnout. Caregiver burnout can be described as a stage of mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion which may be followed by a change in attitude towards those he/she is taking care of. Such kind of fatigue can make an otherwise caring and happy person become unconcerned and even negative on everything. Such burnout slides in when a caregiver is forced to do more than he/she can manage or doesn’t get enough rest between shifts. Some caregivers often feel guilty when they spend some time on themselves rather than caring for their elderly or ill loved ones, a factor that causes them to experience stress, fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

What Makes Caregiving Such A Difficult Job

Caring for a sick loved one, or a senior is never an easy task. Caregiving demands absolute dedication with many spending much of their time ‘on-call’. One is therefore forced to juggle between caring for the senior/ill person and his/her usual way of life. It’s worth remembering that, caregivers to have a life, work, and even children they need to take care of. Many rarely get a few minutes of free time for themselves.

Seeing your loved one in his/her condition, or get worse by the day is something that not many people can stand. Some of the changes a caregiver often has to see include:

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