Posted on Dec 18, 2018

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Should You Choose Houston In-Home Care or Senior Housing?

This Following Story Should Give You A Better Idea On How To Deal With Choosing

Rachel sat at her sewing machine with her favorite apron. As the fabric continued to be pulled under the needle, Rachel looks up at Jordan, giving her a big smile. Jordan had been Rachel’s caregiver for the last three years and Rachel wanted to give Jordan her favorite apron to wear. Rachel delighted in the fact that Jordan would don this apron while she prepared meals for the two of them. Jordan smiled back, treasuring these special moments with Rachel. This is just one of the reasons why Jordan loved her career.

Jordan knew that Rachel’s worsening arthritis made it difficult for Rachel to sew; however, she understood that sewing was one of Rachel’s favorite hobbies and that she would continue to sew for as long as possible. Both Jordan and Rachel wore the many pieces of clothing that Rachel so lovingly created. Jordan knew that she would treasure these clothes for many years to come.

Jordan thought about Rachel and her sewing machine and wondered if an assisted living facility would allow Rachel to bring her sewing machine with her if she moved into senior housing. Jordan considered Rachel’s current lifestyle and her love of her home. Jordan had been with Rachel for several years and knew how much Rachel wanted to remain in her home. Rachel’s husband, Joe, had passed away over a year ago.

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