Posted on Dec 13, 2018

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Part 1: Can Caregivers And Family Go Too Far? Privacy Issues

It’s challenging at best for parents and senior loved ones to get the care they require. Worse, it’ can often become quite concerning when the adult child finds out that dad or mom is no longer capable of taking care of their own finances. Worse yet, where is the line drawn? When do you step in and take over and how?

A Common Issue

A daughter goes to the mailbox and finds that there is a letter, stamped “Fourth notice” in red. She hands it to her father who reads it and takes a deep breath. It’s happened again. Her mother swears that since her diagnosis of a terminal medical condition she’s been managing her finances and paying the bills.

However, as the daughter views the mail, it’s abundantly clear that this isn’t what is happening at all.

How do you react? What do you do? The mother swears she paid it. Retrieving another letter from the pile and opening it there is a check filled out that was mailed to the incorrect recipient. It is this check that needed to go to the fourth notice.

Crossing The Line

Naturally, there is a huge concern here. However, if you demand taking it all over, there is going to be a huge discussion, embarrassment, and it’s insulting to the adult who is terminally ill.

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