Posted on Dec 13, 2018

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Privacy Issues – Can Caregivers and Families Go Too Far? Part 2

For instance, your dad forgot to pay his electric bill and the power gets shut off. You have to do something because he most certainly cannot get by without electricity. There is a way to do this without making him feel that he has lost control of his life.

What you do not want to do is say something like, “You are unfit to handle these things any longer!” That could make him upset. Waichler has better advice. Work with your dad to come up with a decision together. Have him help you figure a way that the problem can be avoided in the future and let him know you are there to collaborate with him to make the situation better. Do not try to control or reprimand him.

Dignity and Respect

Every human deserves dignity and respect. That, according to the Department of Social and Health Services in Washington, does not change when an individual becomes ill or disabled. For these people, the need for dignity and respect grows more.

Whether your loved one can manage life independently but needs daily assistance with bathing and dressing or something more, you must work to respect their dignity as well as privacy.

The Washington DSHS offers even more steps which you can actively take to support a loved one’s needs for emotional or physical privacy:

Let your loved one have control over the small things or the things they have always done for themselves.

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