Posted on Dec 14, 2018

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Giving the Gift of Experiences for the Holidays

One major challenge that adult children and family members tend to face over the holidays is finding the perfect gift for a senior relative who seems to have everything that they need. Often, elderly adults will declutter their belongings and downsize their homes as they go through retirement, and then they may not be interested in collecting any additional "stuff". They may instead place far more value on spending time with their loved ones.

During the holiday season, the gift that may mean the most is offering them your undivided attention and time, instead of attempting to purchase the best possible gift for them. This type of gift may be referred to as an "experience gift". Experience gifts can encourage a sense of bonding between loved ones and give you additional opportunities to make special memories.

Here's a list of several ideas that may assist you as you work to decide on an experience gift that your elderly loved one will love:
Experience Gifts
Senior care providers in Houston say to consider the interests and hobbies that your senior loved one has always liked to participate in. There may be a hobby that they haven't taken part in for several years, like painting, they might enjoy a class at a local school, or an athletic class if that's more their style......

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