Posted on Dec 13, 2018

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How You Can Build A Meaningful Relationship With A Loved One Who Has Dementia Part 2

A good example is that if the patient loves animals. You can try to plan visits that allow the patient to interact with pets such as dogs or cats. Your loved one may also like reading but can no longer read. Maybe you could read to them or if they can’t comprehend that you can bring in things that they may enjoy such as things that are related to what they used to do or a hobby that they had. Nancy Kriseman suggests creating theme collections that you can easily grab as you go off for a visit.

One such client adored baseball, especially the Detroit Tigers. So the patient’s son made a “baseball box” that had a ball and a glove as well as baseball cards. They also had a Tigers cap and a Tigers pennant and other forms of memorabilia that the patient could touch and look at. While the man could no longer remember names of the players, he would light up when he held the baseball or smelled the leather glove. Sometimes, the man’s son would bring in videos of the old games and they would watch them as if they were in real time. They would also eat foil-wrapped hot dogs and snack on peanuts.

Connecting with a Dementia patient doesn’t have to be done with words. There are many ways to build up a meaningful connection.

consider other ways that you can build up a connection.

Invite others and take the focus off of just the two of you. It can help the person to reach out to new friends.

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